About Our Projects


Our projects are constantly changing because our primary focus lies in building the capacity of communities to produce creative solutions to the complex challenges of an ever-changing world. By fostering the development of innovators capable of solving their own problems and equipping them with the skills to train others, our efforts promote a ripple effect. Communities shift from an outward focus, to an inward one as they become the source of their own solutions. We become obsolete in the process furthering our goal of dignity, not dependence. 


To get a feel for what we do, take a look at
highlights of some of our past projects Below

Capacity/Coalition Building &
Community building & engagemenT

Working with youth in leadership
& Building social enterprise

Women's Empowerment &
intercultural Communications

Microenterprise &
Economic Development

Working with Tribes

Strategic Planning, Sustainable
Solutions & Systems Thinking 

Working with Refugees

Media, press & activism